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in France and in Italy

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Grape Tours, established by Pierre & Rebecca Gouttenoire, is a well-established wine tour operator boasting 20 years of expertise. Rebecca, originally from Denmark, discovered her love for wine in Italy, where she and Pierre first crossed paths (during a wine tour!) and where daily excursions explore the vineyards of Tuscany. Meanwhile, Pierre, a seasoned winemaker from Bordeaux, imparted his knowledge, allowing Grape Tours to establish roots in France as well.

We take immense pride in guiding our guests to the finest wineries, always incorporating an educational aspect. Whether embarking on a one-day excursion in Tuscany or Provence, or indulging in a multi-day adventure in another captivating wine region – perfect for true Grapetrotters!

Our hands-on wine tours are personally led by us or by our small team of genuine experts, ensuring a focus on authentic experiences, exceptional wines, and local cuisine. Join us as we unveil the wonders of this Grape World!

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Grapetrotter journeys 2024

Embark on an entirely unconventional journey through the enchanting landscapes of Umbria & Le Marche, where hidden gems of the countryside harbor the production of delectable wines crafted from unique and lesser-known grape varieties.

Immerse yourself fully in the exploration of the grapes, culinary delights, and rich culture that define central Italy.


5 days


Based in Alba, we'll embark on two full days exploring the renowned right bank regions of Barolo and Barbaresco. The third day will be devoted to the left bank Roero, offering a diverse selection of wines, from robust reds to mineral-rich whites. Throughout our journey, we'll also savor the delights of delicious local foods.


3 days

Come on a journey with Pierre Gouttenoire, a former winemaker in Bordeaux and an exceptional insider in this region. Over a span of three days, you will explore nine remarkable wineries, partake in visits, and savor tastings of various blends, complemented by unforgettable vineyard lunches.


3 days

Embark on a Sicilian odyssey from the West to the East, where you'll reside in vineyard resorts and explore numerous wineries, villages, temples, and beyond. This culinary escapade offers a touch of sophistication, providing insights into Sicily's ancient grape varieties and its contemporary winemaking culture.


6 days

Grape Wine Club

Enroll in our Wine Club and receive a curated selection of 12 exceptional wines, ensuring you can savor a captivating and delightful wine every month throughout the year. Each wine comes with a detailed description, accompanied by a local recipe perfectly paired to enhance your tasting experience!

Italian Wine Institute

Experience wine education at the Italian Wine Institute in Florence, where you can partake in brief wine classes, enroll in the Italian Wine Scholar program, or engage in short wine tasting sessions tailored for beginners.

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