Secure payment page
  • To book your private tour, we ask you to make payment according to the number of people you would like to book for. Please do so soon after we've given you our availability so that we can ensure we'll still be available.​

  • After you've sent in the payment we'll send you a voucher to confirm all details within the next 24 hrs. If you don't see it please get in contact with us so that we can resend (before doing so please check your spam box as it may end up there).​

  • If you would like to review the cost of your tour, please view the fees under "special tours" according to guided half-day or guided full-day. This fee is all-inclusive, so no other expenses are needed during your tour (unless you would like to purchase wine, of course).

  • Please notice that the Paypal page may initially appear in French. Change the country (e.g. United States = Etats Units) and the language of the page will switch into English.