• Rebecca Gouttenoire

Aperitivo is the answer!

This is written in it 5 or 6 of lockdown?! I'm losing track of the weeks now. In the beginning, it was just the days that were melting into each other. We along with a large part of the world are confined in our homes. Here it is basically like house arrest if you live in a city.

We can let fresh air in from the windows and watch masked people walk to the market to get essentials, and dogs walk their owners around the block. The streets are otherwise empty and the silence is daunting.

Days are slowly getting longer and the weather warmer. It's full spring out there in the vineyards - at least that's what I can see on my Instagram feed. This surreal situation is setting its marks, not only in terms of victims but on what we do - or used to do, I don't know anymore. Tourism is probably the second biggest victim of the COVID-19. Lockdown measures and travel restrictions have taken their toll, and we tour operators along with so many other sectors of tourism have felt the ground disappear beneath our feet.

We wake up with a feeling of grief and stare at each other with speechless expressions (definitely Munch-like ones) several times throughout the day. We're certainly not alone with this feeling, even though each one of us is physically alone at this moment.

We're hoping to see a light at the end of the tunnel. There's no way of knowing how long this tunnel is. Some days the light seems terribly far away.

In the meanwhile, we brainstorm, troubleshoot, discuss other nonexistent job opportunities, but at the end of the day we know we just have to hold on to what has taken us two decades to build, hoping the stupid virus won't destroy all of it.

Speaking of the end of the day, southern Europe has this wonderful tradition of aperitivo or aperif - the happy hour which typically starts around 6.30. By now, it's the highlight of the day. For us, it means wine tasting, along with some appetizers (on lazy days it consists of potato chips, and on more energetic ones it could be a spread of veggies, cold cuts, crostini, etc). It's a moment of the day to turn off the worries and to breath in deeply. We close our windows on the cool evening air and on the world's problems, our minds back to what we love - wine! And another day is coming to an end.

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You can follow our tasting videos on Youtube, and learn a few things about different wine regions around France & Italy!

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