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Day Tours to Provence - the pink wine experience

Often people will take a preference to either white or red wine. But then there's pink wine, too. "Rosé all day" just goes to say how easy it is to drink it, but there are very serious versions, too. And you know that when the French decide to be the best, it's serious business!

Provence is the world's cradle of rose wine and here the wine in search of its own identity is often bottled in untraditionally shaped transparent glass bottles - it's important that we can admire the hue of pink!

Howbeit "Whispering Angel" gets a pretty normal shaped bottle and is one of the most popular brands. From Chateau d'Esclans in Provence, it's even appreciated by the wine professionals scoring decent points. It has a big sister called Garrus selling for around 100 euro which shows complexity and a great deal of glamour, too.

Apart from producing excellent rosé wines (and reds & whites, too), Provence is stunningly beautiful with lovely villages, wineries (or chateau as the French glamorously have it), and its evergreen pines and brick red mountain ridges.

You can experience Provence from Nice on Grape Tours daily excursions - visit our web-site for Provence:

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