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EXTRA VIRGIN - the Olive Oil Webinar

Do you know how to distinguish good olive oil from the bad stuff? Do you know how great olive oil should taste? Do you know how it's made and what determines the different quality standards?

My name is Rebecca Christophersen Gouttenoire and I'm a certified olive oil taster since 2012. A few years back I offered a course on olive oil which was a lot of fun, and now that travel has been challenged and you can't necessarily travel all the way to Florence to join me at the Italian Wine Institute, I'm bringing this class to you in a digital version.

The length is approximately 2 hrs and I will teach you all you need to know about Extra Virgin Olive Oil, even how you taste it at home so you know if what you've got is the good stuff!

I'll run the webinar once a month so you can attend any date that suits you the best. The attendance number will be max. 10 so we can interact with you and answer questions.

A small fee of 15 euro is requested at time of registration to help cover the costs of running it.

Check out the dates and register here.

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