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Sip-along - join us on Saturdays to discover a new wine region or winery - Guaranteed fun and free

Updated: May 17, 2020

This year is nothing like any of us imagined. Getting into the 20'ies was supposed to be the most liberating ever, and then we found out the exact opposite had happened. Suddenly, we all found ourselves scrambling to get our existences back into order. I won't go into details of what that might mean for us, a tour operator that relies 100% on international travel, but we can't stop doing what we do - loving and teaching wine to our guests.

On Saturdays, we're doing Sip-along sessions where you can learn a bit about a wine region and meet a fabulous winemaker - and it's free. You may find the irresistible urge to purchase a bit of wine afterwards, that we cannot guarantee. The formula is a zoom seminar/meeting so you can interact with us and get your questions answered.

If you prefer watching at your own time, we're also producing videos to show you what's going on in the vineyards right now: Youtube.

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